Hand Made SaddlX bag with dual holsters and extra storage for the Pontiac Solstice (it works for all Solstice models, base, GXP, convertible and coupe versions)

-Color upgrade stitching color. $15 (Choose from menu and refer to provided charts.)
(Nickel and Scarlett stitching colors are included, no additional cost) 


-Add a personalized name above the shifter. $25 (please choose your preferred font from the chart in the product photos) SEND US A MESSAGE AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH THE FONT YOU CHOOSE. THANKS!

No personalized name is standard, no additional cost.


-Add a knee pad on driver's side. $25. If you opt for SaddlX logo placement B, it will be placed on the knee pad. 


- SaddlX logo placement is provided either below the shifter or on the drivers side pocket. We do not offer an option without the logo, NO EXCEPTIONS.

No additional cost for either placement option. Please see placement selection choice (A) or (B)

Pontiac Solstice | SaddlX Bag

$289.99 Regular Price
$229.99Sale Price
Personalized Name
Stitching color. Add $15 (refer to chart images)
Knee pad on Driver's side
  • Hand Made SaddlX saddlebag with dual holster and extra storage for the Pontiac Solstice, all year models.