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We are very proud of this popular item: The GearTripR for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky ( Opel GT, Daewoo G2X)


The GearTripR is a design layover, modification to the OEM or DDM's center console. We don't carry the core of the arm center console. Our design involves the customer's original or spare arm center, which must be shipped to us so that we can upgrade it. If the unit is damaged or cracked, within reasonable limits, we will repair it and then re-cover it. We don't provide additional or replacement metal brackets.


GearTripR is designed and styled for ergonomic shifter ease, as well as over the road comfort.Top stitching color can be chosen (all colors included in this product, no extra charge).


The Black Vented leather (included) is used for the center panel. All other materials will be considered "custom" work at an extra cost and delivery times might increase.


Due to COVID-19 until further notice to 5 to 6 week turn around may be expected. 


The vented synthetic leather is designed to wick away moisture and dissipate heat.This platform design will be based on a donor program, you send in your OEM or DDM's arm rest and the GearTripR modification will be performed to your specific unit. We pay for the shipping from our shop to your address. The shipping to us will be your choice and covered by you.

Please, ship your center console to the address listed below:

Salvador Blumenkron | Chris Meek
2252 260th St, St Croix Falls,  WI 54024
United States of America.

Even if you have some reasonable damage, the damage will be corrected during the GearTripR build.Why would you opt to purchase a GearTripR center arm rest modification?The answer is simple:SaddlX has already invested the design time for fitment, comfort and performance with AutoX and road trip adventures in mind, which we know you will love.As owners of Kappa cars ourselves, we understand what the platform was intended to do and we honor the original design, with upgraded modifications to that design. We also can match the materials and stitching of your already purchased SaddlX bag unit and other SaddlX products. Which provides broader styling from the waterfall to the dashboard.


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